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Top 4: What workspaces do millennials demand?

Young women and men born 1980–1995 — collectively dubbed millennial workers — belong to a generation who’re always “connected online”. Global Head of Corporate Research at JLL Dr Marie Puybaraud explains what millennials are looking for from their work environments.

1. Interaction and entertainment

Millennials tend to interact with each other in an atom-like way, so workplaces are looking to reproduce this in the office. An interactive and entertaining working environment is very important — highly connected spaces where they can feel relaxed when working, or even take time out to play, are common attractions for recruiting millennials.

2. Flexibility

Although millennials are increasingly able to work flexibly — anytime, anyplace and anywhere — many also desire to go to a workplace every day to be with colleagues and belong to an organisation. Activity-based working is key to this — using breakout and collaboration spaces, as well as individual workstations.

3. Cultural awareness

The success of introducing flexible, collaborative and creative workspaces varies from culture to culture. For example, many Asian corporate cultures would be uncomfortable with including “play-type” environments in a corporate space, or may even have creative spaces that nobody uses, because culturally it is seen as wrong to play while at work.

4. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

There can be a big gap between the level of technology a millennial worker personally owns and the equipment they are given at work. This can end up with millennials bringing their own devices to the workplace. Employers often fail to realise that millennials rely more than ever on a technological solution to carry out their work effectively — if companies are serious about investing in millennials, they need to invest in the tech they rely upon.

Of course, the workplace can never be designed solely for one specific group of people, however, millennials are usually looking for specific working environments. For example, they look for a distinctive workplace identity, a sense of belonging, a strong brand presence and a definable working culture.

Source: Top 4: What workspaces do millennials demand?

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