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Millennials need more motivation | Coyote Chronicle

By Serena Gomez |Staff Writer|

Millennials: the egotistical generation that lives off technology and are content with it.

“[…] Sometimes called Generation Y. Because of their dependence on technology, they are said to be entitled and narcissistic,” stated KPCC’s Evie Liu.

Most of the other generations will look at millennials as the diverse, narcissistic, ignorant generation.

However, their way of living is understandable, as they constantly try to keep up with the latest technology to stay in touch with peers.

Millennials want social changes like gay rights, immigration, and equality, but no one is willing to actually do anything because they are content with how easy life is for them.

Who wouldn’t be? There’s no need to know how to do much, really.

There’s spell check and uncle Google in their pockets a click away, hoverboards that thwart the need to walk anywhere, and apps for almost everything possible.

Millennials should be called the I-Generation because they are are so reliant on iPhones, iPods, iPads, and iWatches.

Millennials say they want change, posting on their various social media accounts about how wrong certain societal issues are, but that’s where it ends—on social media.

They want everyone to see that they care enough to voice their opinion but most people only do so to make themselves sound caring. Millennials are too self-centered to do anything for anyone else.

Most egotistical millennials were told they were a “winner” growing up in sports, which boosted their self-esteem, but in reality, all they did was throw a ball once.

“They were raised by doting parents who told them they are special, played in little leagues with no winners or losers, or all winners,” stated CBS News.

Millennials are so obsessed with how they look, showing the world through social media what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with.

“A recent survey from Luster Premium White, a teeth whitening brand based in Boston, calculated that the average millennial could take up to about 25,700 selfies in his or her lifetime,” stated International Business Times writer Julia Glum.

What have you done that is so impressive that everyone needs to know your every move on the Internet?

There’s applications like Facebook/Instagram check-ins, Snapchat filters tagging you in a city, and Twitter/Yik Yak to share your random thoughts, at that moment, to everyone.

“Snapchat has captured the millennial mindset…more than three quarters (76 percent) of the apps users in the United States are between the ages of 18-34,” stated Business Insider’s Matt Rosoff.

Millennials have a fairy tale mindset, thinking that they will live the “American Dream” with a bachelor’s degree after college; however, they are wrong.

“Millennials believe that they will attain the American Dream more than any other age group,” stated CNN’s Ahiza Garcia.

However, in reality, after four to five years in college, all they receive is a stressful job search and a whole lot of debt.

“Millennials come out as very confident with perhaps sharper elbows than we thought,” stated Mark Penn, author of a survey sponsored by The Atlantic magazine and the Aspen Institute.

“They’re a bit more of a ‘me generation’ than expected,” Penn also stated.

I’m sorry millennials, but this world doesn’t revolve around you. Do not be ignorant by limiting yourself. Stop being content with being the lazy generation and actually fight for what truly matters.

Source: Millennials need more motivation | Coyote Chronicle

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