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A Glimmer Of Hope: The Inevitable Rise Of The Millennials’ America | The Huffington Post

A Glimmer Of Hope: The Inevitable Rise Of The Millennials’ America

11/09/2016 06:23 am ET | Updated 17 hours ago
 Donald Trump will be my president. Thinking about the next four years inspires in me great fear, anger and bitter disappointment. Every single issue that I care so passionately about will be challenged and uprooted – from climate change to health care to education policy. I easily find fault with the American Republican elite, like Mitt Romney and the Bush family, among many others, who sat by and allowed this to happen, knowing full well that a Trump presidency would be disastrous to America’s standing in the world. With the victory of Trump, I am angry with so many people and institutions, but I do myself, and the people and issues I care about, a disservice if I only focus on the pessimism I feel about the next four years.

Regrettably, I overestimated Hillary Clinton’s ability to overcome the attacks from the right that have so clearly succeeded in defaming her to the point that millions of swing voters would rather vote for Donald Trump; but, while he garnered enough support to win the Electoral College, I do not believe that the majority of Americans subscribe to Trump’s dangerous rhetoric. While the conservative policy agenda will make huge strides, the most heinous of Trump’s plans, such as deporting 11 million people, are unlikely to bear fruit.

It is also important to realize that Trump, even with the office of the presidency, cannot bring back the America that ignored the humanity of the LGBTQ community or the America that allowed discrimination of racial minorities. America will never be “great again” in the way that Trump deceivingly promised his voters. His movement will inevitably suffocate itself, and a new generation will be there to pick up the pieces and build a new Republican party.

It is within this new generation that I have found a glimmer of hope – hope in the America we will inevitably become. My generation will be the most diverse, most educated, and potentially the most united in American history. The divisive politics of the last six months will likely continue over the next four years, and this divisiveness will only unite further and mobilize the Americans who do not share Trump’s hatefulness, especially Millennials. America will continue to diversify, and the coalitions that made the election of Barack Obama possible will only grow stronger. Those of us who came of age in the Obama era have seen what is possible, and we will be united when the time comes for us to lead our nation and the world.

In the meantime, my generation will not stand by and allow intolerance to fester. We will not abandon the issues we care so deeply about. We will not stop dreaming about a better America. We will not give up, no matter who is in the White House.

Millennials rallying for President Obama in 2008.

Source: A Glimmer Of Hope: The Inevitable Rise Of The Millennials’ America | The Huffington Post

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