Mar 05

Fewer Millennials Becoming Police Officers | KTRH


More U.S. cities are reporting a shortage of police officers, mainly because millennials have been turned off to a career in law enforcement.

Longtime law enforcement official Dr. G.M. Cox calls it a “silver tsunami” of Baby Boomer retirements coupled with fewer millennials filling the gap because of the low pay and negative public perception of police.

“Generation Y has been given a steady diet of negative media relations on policing, and we deserve a little bit of that,” says Cox, the Director of the Public Administration at Tarleton State University.

“Charleston, South Carolina and most recently Chicago, these kinds of things tend to create a broad brush stroke of everybody must be like this, and that’s just not true,” he says.

A 2014 study showed Houston had about 5,300 officers — less than half the size of Chicago’s force.

That same study found thousands of burglaries, assaults and other crimes are not followed up on because of the officer shortage.

“One of the things a city can do is start hiring the second career person, the person who is retired, let’s bring them on,” says Cox.  “One of the things Houston might look at is reviewing its civil service policy.”

Source: Fewer Millennials Becoming Police Officers | KTRH

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