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Attracting millennial talent to channel companies – from Channelnomics.com

Attracting millennial talent to channel companies

Millennials need certain commitments from their employer, says Business Continuity Technologies’ Rory Jackson

While three-quarters of millennials view technological savvy as an important consideration for employment, according to a recent CompTIA study, IT channel companies still struggle to attract and retain millennial talent.

As pointed out in the CompTIA study, Managing the Multigenerational Workforce, tech savvy does not necessarily translate in interest to work in the industry.

And this is clearly a problem for channel companies for a couple of major reasons. They need skilled workers to replace Baby Boomers, who are approaching retirement. Besides that, companies with a multigenerational workforce that share experiences, skills and ideas are more innovative and likely to succeed than those that rely almost exclusively on more mature workers.

Channel companies, therefore, should strive to recruit and retain millennial employees. But to accomplish that, you need to figure out what makes millennials tickand how to create an environment in which we can thrive.

Millennials are known for job hopping, staying with a company for less than three years on average, but you can’t just explain that away as an absence of loyalty. After all, loyalty is a two-way street. Employers need to be serious about committing to the people they hire, just as they expect employees to be loyal.

So what exactly should channel companies do to attract and retain millennials?

Make it interesting

Millennials are great multi-taskers. We like to try new things. Put us in positions where every single day is the same and we’ll get bored. We have grown up in a society conditioned to want the latest and greatest – the next best thing.

This restlessness shapes our perspective of the workplace, so it helps to have flexibility and variety – for instance, working with different technologies. Even something as simple as working from home part of the time or a flexible schedule can go a long way to attracting millennials.

Provide a career path

One of the biggest reasons millennials job hop is because of lack of career advancement. Just as we like to be challenged on a day-to-day basis, we welcome opportunities for growth and career advancement.

Two companies that have come up with a good formula for retaining millennials by creating well-defined career paths areDatto and Zappos. Channel companies should look at them as models.

Promote professional growth

Companies often skimp on training and education, which is a turn-off for millennials. If you offer opportunities for professional growth by paying for certification courses and making compensation commensurate with training achievements, you are more likely to attract and retain millennials. This goes hand in hand with providing a career path for employees.

Encourage communication

Millennials communicate differently from older generations, preferring text and email over face-to-face meetings and the phone. As a result, tone and context can get lost, which in some cases creates barriers with older employees and management, so it helps to promote face-to-face interactions through regularly scheduled conferences and one-on-one meetings – and even social events.

There might be opportunities at social events, business lunches and dinners to have a no-smartphone rule to keep the focus on face-to-face communications.

Provide mentoring opportunities

Mentorship is extremely important to millennials. We value the opportunity to learn from previous generations, recognizing we can benefit from their business and life experiences to expand our own horizons.

Companies should provide mentorship programs that facilitate the exchange of ideas between workers of different generations. This promotes creativity and collaboration, opening new ways to solve problems and meet business goals.

Following these practices is a good start for attracting millennial talent and enriching your workforce with new ideas and energy.

Source: Attracting millennial talent to channel companies – from Channelnomics.com

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