Mar 11

Millennial Problems: When Your Boss is Mindful of Your Needs | The Snitch | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly

It’s not easy to find an employer who “gets” you. Most bosses are working for the company employing you and the boss, and that means the company comes first. But what’s good for the company is not always good for the employee. For millennials, this is hard to take.

Americans work hard. If you’re an American and you have a job, you know how hard you work. And if you don’t, check out this handy chart showing exactly how much you work. The 40-hour job has become the 50-hour job. If you don’t work 50 or more hours in a week, there’s something wrong with you. Especially if you’re a tech professional.

Thankfully, one boss gets it. Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, believes his employees work too much, and this stifles innovation — that all important cornerstone of any successful disrupter.

So in order to encourage innovation and keep the workforce from turning into drones, Benioff took a page from some monks he invited to California and created meditation rooms on every floor of Salesforce’s future office building in San Francisco.  

In true tech fashion, they will be called “mindfulness zones.” The building isn’t slated to open for a couple years, but when it does the millennial-heavy workforce at Salesforce will have another reason to spend their entire lives at the office.

Meditation fits well within the millennial lifestyle. It’s good at making millennials feel special, which is what all millennials want to feel. It can help balance the work-life thing, making work more than just a bank account filler. It takes millennials away from technology, which millennials say they want to do even though it’s not true. And best of all, it promotes tolerance, which any good millennial knows is what the world lacks most.

So if you’re a millennial and you just got laid off from IBM, Marc Benioff wants to help you find your chakra. (Note: I’m sure you can try to get a job and find your chakra even if IBM did not can you.)

Source: Millennial Problems: When Your Boss is Mindful of Your Needs | The Snitch | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly

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