Aug 30

Feds, temp agency settle bias lawsuit

eeocA temporary staffing agency has agreed to pay $435,000 to settle a discrimination lawsuit alleging it favored Hispanic workers over African-Americans at a FedEx SmartPost facility in Southaven.

Orlando-based Resource Employment Solutions LLC denied allegations of wrongdoing made in a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2014.

A consent decree outlining the settlement was entered in U.S. District Court in Northern Mississippi last week. It called for compensation for a woman who raised the bias issue and other black workers who were affected.

EEOC alleged the temporary agency hired Hispanic workers first, even if black workers signed in earlier, and gave Hispanic workers more hours at the SmartPost facility at 4325 Executive Drive. The lawsuit alleged the temporary agency retaliated against the woman after she complained.

The four-year consent decree also prohibits further discrimination and requires anti-discrimination training, reporting and postings.

Source: Feds, temp agency settle bias lawsuit

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