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Nov 11

Top tips on avoiding discrimination when managing older workers

Top tips on avoiding discrimination when managing older workers By Chris Cook And Keely Rushmore on 10 Nov 2016 in Age discrimination, Discrimination, Employment law, Retirement Five years on from the abolition of the default retirement age, employers are still coming to terms with the practical challenges of managing older workers. Chris Cook and Keely …

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Aug 25

EEOC settles case over Muslim server fired for wearing headscarf | Pennsylvania Record

  PHILADELPHIA – A settlement has been awarded in a case against a Philadelphia restaurant with an apparent “no hoodies” policy regarding an employee’s right to wear a headscarf as part of her religious freedom.    The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the lawsuit against Rotten Ralph’s Restaurant in the case EEOC v. Half …

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Aug 22

“Ban the Box” – California Employers Are Cautioned When Using Criminal Records in Hiring Decisions – Lexology

 By now, California employers are probably aware of the “Ban the Box” movement sweeping the nation. Lawmakers and government agencies aim to provide applicants with a fair chance at employment by eliminating conviction history inquiries in background checks, interviews, and applications. Over 100 cities and counties nationwide have adopted similar initiatives to prevent employers from …

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