Who We Are

The Workforce Productivity and Compensation Institute (WPCI) is a group of Researchers and Advisors who are focused on the skills and models to lead and motivate employees in the workforce so that employers receive the maximum amount of skilled work output.

As the generations shift, many companies, and even entire industries, face the task of acquiring, motivating, and retaining the new “Millennial” employee. While the popular literature is awash with negative observations about work ethic of younger workers, or counter-point arguments arguing that the new breed of employees is a more valuable than older employees due to their familiarity with technology, we take a different stance. Our philosophy is that the work environment is a marriage of different parties with diverse desires and needs. Being upset over the fact that Millennials are not like the aging Boomers is self-defeating. The Boomers are retiring, and they stopped making that model in 1964. The Millennials are here, and instead of using outdated techniques and compensations to motivate them, employers need to adapt their offerings to fit what the Millennials want.

After all, isn’t employment a contract for services? Two parties agreeing that in exchange for X compensation, Y duties will be performed?

Yes, it is. And when the employer is offering compensation, and more importantly, a work environment, that the Millennials don’t want, do you expect them to want to work there? Or continue to work there for long when a competitor is offering a better position with a better work environment?

No, the question answers itself—both parties must be satisfied or neither party will be happy staying together.

Thus, we study Millennials. A lot. We do surveys and studies and meet with HR managers of major and small companies to find out what makes the Millennials tick—what motivates them. We do professional studies and surveys and discover new employment factors, and publish them in various journals. We consult with employers to advise them on what aspects of their work environment or compensation needs improving and what those improvements are. And we read about Millennials a lot.

And I do mean a lot.

We have customized software that sifts through the Internet 24/7 and whenever a published site does a story on Millennials, we receive an alert about it. We then skim every last piece to see if it of legitimate interest, or so much opinion/fluffery. It is looks like it might hold a kernel of wisdom; we read the entire article and store it in our indexed database of Millennial-related articles.

As part of our duty to disseminate information, we have decided to reprint some of the more noteworthy articles here. You are free to read them, download them, or go to the original source and read them there. If you want to subscribe to our alert feed that will tell you emerging trends in Millennials, their mindset(s), or employing them, by all means feel free to do so. Simply add a comment to any post (As short as you would like) and select to follow that post or all new posts.

And don’t worry; you can change your subscription at any time.


Notice: This website is a repository for our posts that go out to the world, but is not used as out primary messaging medium. The absolute BEST way to reach us, and follow our posts, is on LinkedIn. We have a group there, entitled The Workforce Productivity and Compensation Institute, and you are welcome to visit and interact with us there. To visit the group, go to: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8567153/